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2016 has been a whirlwind year with lots of unpredictable changes, particularly in the political world however, with a positive outlook, we truly believe 2017 will be a ‘recovery’ year, especially for the oil and gas industry. Al-Falih, Ministry of Energy of Saudi Arabia, has said “I’m very optimistic that next year will see economic recovery and a recovery of the oil markets.” 

The last few years haven’t been great for the oil industry, with dramatic decreases in prices across the world. However, for the first time in 8 years, OPEC cut their oil output by 1.2billion barrels a day which has led to revival of oil prices.  By the sounds of things, there’s no reason to doubt that OPEC will obey by the new cutbacks, with many other non-OPEC members following suit. So far 11 non-members including Russia and Kazakhstan have also pledged to reduce their output.

Job Market

Two years ago, during the most historic collapse in oil prices, a lot of companies were cutting back on resources, with employees being forced into redundancies and with some losing their jobs to locals. However, as the market picks up again, clients are moving quickly to get candidates back on board and paying extra to get expats on site.  

COREcruitment has an excellent pool of remote site candidates with wealth of experience in the field and qualifications to compliment however, with the market being as inconsistent as it is, we think the biggest concern for 2017 will be convincing candidates to return to the industry. Clients will need to re-engage with candidates and continue to find ways to attract top talent.  

COREcruitment believes this sector will see a large increase in jobs, around 12% on last year, specifically across Canada, Middle East and Asia. 

If you are looking for a new opportunity within the oil and gas industry, get in touch with our Remote Site Specialist- Sharlene Cross,