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Why do an Open Day you ask? 

From a recruitment point of view, Open Days can be tricky sometimes, some can be packed with great candidates; others, a ton of no shows as their best friend’s goldfish died and candidates that don’t match the company culture or needs of the business.

So why do one?

  • Your chance to not write off that candidate who isn’t wowing you on paper, but in person, perfectly matches the company culture
  • It’s an opportunity for you to showcase what your brand is all about, why it benefits them to work for you and excite them about your business, thus increasing candidate referrals via word of mouth as well, which saves you money!
  • In recruitment, as we all know, time is paramount and there is never enough of it! This is an opportunity for you to meet a lot of potential candidates in a relatively short space of time, therefore maximising your chances of finding the right one

This is also a GREAT chance for the Management team to be together, blend that with a team meeting and that’s two birds with one stone

Lastly it looks great on social media, maybe you’re doing things that other companies are not, this could make you stand out

The big day…..

You will always have candidates that you book in who are perfect on paper, but in person, are entirely the wrong cultural fit for your brand.

On the flipside however,  Joe Soap who you would have written off had you just looked at their CV and thought to yourself “I don’t have time to give him a chance, even though he has potential” shows up and guess what?! He’s perfect! Of course he may need a little polishing up, but that’s why you have training managers!It’s that X-Factor candidate that could be your winning star on the day.

So why don’t all businesses run frequent Open Days you ask? Time!

Although, it is a great opportunity to meet a large amount of people in a short time space, it can be really time consuming to organise. That’s where agencies like COREcruitment come in useful!  We manage the entire event for you from start to finish and all you have to do is show up to meet candidates! (assuming everyone’s best friend’s goldfish isn’t dead!). It’s also a way to get more bang for your buck, we will book in as many suitable candidates as possible on the day so you save on individual fees.

In one of the recent Open Day we ran, a large pub group who wanted to change brand perception were able to meet over 40 candidates in one sitting, hired 6 and talent banked another 10.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to book your next Open Day!