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A four-day week is always just a bit lovely isn’t it? I know how busy you all are but below are some good candidates that I would love to help find their next role.

I’ve had one of those weeks where I have spoken to some great candidates that I just haven’t got any roles for now. I wanted to give you a chance to see if you had anything for them?

I found them all to be a bit different in terms of they really do things that are outside the parameters of their role. Whether it be getting involved in buying wine, setting up new restaurants, people development or putting together cocktail menus, they all really add value in their field.

These guys are all passive candidates and are looking for the right move, not just a move. I’ve tried to keep it brief but if you’re looking for someone and any of these candidates take your fancy then please drop me a line.

General Manager -  Excellent Modern British Cuisine – London – 12 weeks

Great character, hardworking, people focused and adores fresh food. Exceptional growth results, not a tick box manager. Pillar of the restaurant who contributes far beyond their job title. He is looking for a growing business, one that is opening new sites and can offer him progression. Currently on £75,000 would look at anything £60,000 plus for the right role. His CV is exceptional and would be a fab addition to the right company.

Operations Manager -  Independent Restaurant Offer – West Midlands - 4 weeks

This candidate is FANTASTIC, with a strong background in premium gastro pubs they took the move out of the corporate to join a start up venture. This gave him the eye for inputting all procedures and a 360 take on setting up restaurants. No head office support meant he learnt how to do everything himself. Successfully opened 2 new restaurants. Now looking for something more structured where they can implement their new learnings. Very on trend, very profile and open to new ideas. Looking for anything north of £55,000.

Multisite Manager -  Premium Hight Street Offer – Wales (covers South West) – 8 weeks

Clear career progression throughout and always in very reputable, fresh food establishments. Looking for something exciting that is not firefighting, great character and massively people focused. Strong financials and is an investment candidate. Very stable and looking to progress with the right company. Likes operations with personality and a strong people culture. Looking for £50,000 plus

Senior General Manager – On trend High Street Brand – London – 4 weeks

Big fan of this candidate. Worked his way up through the ranks and now used very much as a trouble shooter and a manager who has success in turning businesses around. They have worked in both an independent and branded operation and can deal with chaos and structure. They love developing people and they must work in a fresh food environment. Now thinking about their next move – looking for growth and ops opportunities. Looking for £45,000 plus.

General Manager – Fantastic growing brand – Surrey – 4 weeks

This candidate is an all-rounder – loves fresh food, great with cocktails and awesome with people and numbers. A very committed individual who genuinely loves her job and the sector, very ambitious and is very much looking for a slightly bigger company that can help them on her way to the top. Can demonstrate turn arounds with failing operations and has a great eye for margins, specs, costings and numbers. They may relocate for the right opportunity. Looking for a training plan for area management – Looking for anything north of £36,000.

Operations Manager- Start Up QSR Operations - London – 4 weeks

Really enjoyed speaking with this candidate. Very positive, very focused and very clear on objectives. Enjoys process, procedures and empowering his staffs. He acts on findings and a candidate who looks forward to Mondays. I found him very refreshing, an outside the box thinker. Very ethical and loyal. Has worked for heavily branded QSR and in more recent time came on board for start up to help expand and implement procedures. Looking for something that has a good action plan, fresh food and some ambition. Looking for £50,000 plus

If any of these candidates take your fancy, please drop me a line and we can get communication started.

Have a great weekend.


Kate / 02077902666