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A quick scan over the internet at some of the big hotel booker websites and it’s plain to see that Thailand has a lot of hotels. Whether people are looking for backpacker, boutique or luxury locations, everything is catered for across the Thai islands, cities and beach resorts. 

So how do you get your dream job in one of those locations?

1. This is going to sound obvious coming from me but get yourself registered with a good international agency. Don’t just send in your CV and hope for the best, and don’t be the person that calls every day asking if there is anything new but be a proactive agency user.

2. Check their website regularly, make friendly enquiries, put your hospitality focused personality across to us and we’ll want to place you in a good role even more. Don’t believe bad press, we are not all about money!

3. Network. I know many people will groan at this word, I used to be one of them! But networking is especially important in an expat community. That means hotel managers, owners, recruitment consultants… everyone! You never know where that friendly conversation will get you.

4. Stay ahead of the game. By doing your research and knowing what openings are coming up, by knowing what senior staff might be moving on, you will be ahead of the competition, and in Asia, that is the biggest challenge to getting the dream role. As I said, there is a hotel, resort and brand for everyone’s taste, and that means there are other people that will be going for the same job as you. Stand out by being in the know.

If you are looking for work in Thailand, or anywhere else in Asia, please send your CV to today

Alternatively, if you want to fill a position please email to arrange a chat for more details.