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Property has come a long way since halls of residence and the upholstered partitions of serviced offices – thank goodness!

Much has been written recently extolling the virtues of higher productivity being the result of tailor made communities where someone has given serious thought to the taste of the end user. Now with in excess of 200 co-work spaces in London alone and almost 90% of the 600,000+ purpose built student rooms being privately run, there really is something for everyone.

Whether the niche that appeals is tech savvy, opulent, affordable, sustainable, flexible or simply convenient, the market continues to expand and push boundaries delivering solutions that people would never have dreamed possible 15 years ago.

Some PBSA now boast wellness and spa facilities. They have hosts who organise genuinely hot events to bring together the residents and encourage peers to ‘stay in together’ – why leave when you have everything here?

Co-work spaces also offer events and build communities, they promise the opportunity to mind-share with other energetic genius’ and it doesn’t matter if they operate in a different field; a good idea is good idea, right?

Growth in these areas shows no sign of slowing and as more providers’ pop up with something new to offer, the demand and desire to steer one’s career into these camps grows too. Genuinely excellent candidates are naturally drawn towards sectors with accelerated growth and untapped potential. So much so, in fact, that previous measures, such as job title and salary, are being cast aside for the chance to ‘be involved in something that will actually move’.

The additional beauty of this is the diversity of skill sets that can be successfully transferred and the breadth of roles that come under the umbrella. From Architects to BDMs and Digital to FOH, these sectors offer a most satisfying home to candidates coming from multiple, previously segmented business streams. They can become place-makers together, with a clear vision of the end goal. And the real draw is, that the goal will be achieved, and fast.

Of course, competition for the roles is always fierce – a recent senior job posting attracted 500 applicants in one week – but from the perspective of the recruiter and the hiring company, it means that by keeping an open mind on background, you get to choose from the best of the best.

In time, there may be a shift towards the like-for-like experience need that we see in other sectors. Specialists will no doubt hone their skills through dedication to their chosen sector; to a degree, it has already begun. But with so many top quality candidates highlighting Student Accommodation and Co-working businesses as their top 2 areas for the next exciting step, let’s celebrate every new opportunity that opens doors to people with a real desire to succeed.