Adaptability and Flexibility - the key to moving forward

COREcruitment, like every other business has powered through this COVID 19 roller coaster, a roller coaster we were all forced to board and one we can’t wait to end. It’s been a hard time for everyone on such different scales and throughout this process we’ve all been doing us best to support and survive. Businesses, including ours, have changed drastically in the last few months and whilst I think it’s obvious, moving forward the world will be a different place.

Along with our webinars we have been conducting one on one interviews and questionnaires with some of our senior clients to try get an insight in life moving forward. This week we wanted to concentrate on Leadership and what qualities we should be expecting moving forward. It was very interesting that out of the people I spoke to the two most common words were flexibility and adaptability.

Carlos Ortiz - Assistant Director of Operations - LEVY RESTAURANTS

  • Post crisis leaders have to demonstrate a great deal of drive, understanding and innovation. Taking a drastic shift in the way we operate requires outside of the box thinking. Managing the insecurities and uncertainty of what’s ahead can be taxing on associates and guest alike. Self-motivation is vital, keeping a steady path when everything you know to has to be “relearned”, that can be defeating. An optimist embraces the challenge.
  • Which behaviours will employers be looking for? Empathy and understanding. Also, are you coachable? Are you willing to learn new ways to operate?
  • Looking outside of the sector should always be in practice. Hospitality requires passion, kindness, drive and attention to detail. Leaders should be able to teach the trade, what we can’t train is said qualities. A previous career path should not matter
  • Employers should learn to scout talent any and everywhere. If employers operate, hire and train to standard, training should be stress-free.

Bryan Bruin - Vice President - BON APPETIT

  • There are three main qualities for future leaders; Vision – a heightened sense of creativity, Fearlessness – have to be relentless in overcoming complacency, Relational – need to possess high energy and strongly engage.
  • Which behaviours will employers be looking for? Adaptability.
  • When asked about looking externally or re-skilling existing teams; If the corporate culture is strong, we will want to protect those already in one’s organization. We’d be looking to re-skill existing teams

Greg Costa - Vice President of Hospitality + Strategy - LEVY RESTAURANTS

  • One of my best attributes is to counsel our partners on what we know, what we think we know and what we don’t know. This Pandemic has move us to the latter because what we know today is that tomorrow will not be like yesterday.
  • As it relates to the Hospitality Manager in the post COVID-19 Hospitality world, the Manager will need to be flexible in their singular approach to being an expert. If business revenue is down, expenses such as labor reduction in salaries will be a solution to that challenge. Businesses will need to find a way to rebound from the horrific financial losses this Pandemic has caused. The initial reaction will be for Managers to do more with less. Adding value in being a diverse manager, open to learning multiple skills will be important.

Anonymous- Senior Director

  • New leaders must be able to effectively manage ambiguity. While this was necessary for our industry prior to COVID-19, the entire foundation of the industry has changed and we need people who will be able to manage in times of uncertainty, and lead teams to decisive action even when all of the information is not available or the future is uncertain. I also think we will see a rise of employers seeking out leaders that have demonstrated a commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.
  • Employers will be looking for a history of how leaders made decisions when they didn’t have all of the information. What did they consider to get their to action plan and how did they adjust as their futures unfolded and they received more info.
  • I think many employers will continue to look mostly in sector for a few reasons - 1. In order to make effective change to industries deeply affected by COVID-19, strong leaders need to understand the previous framework in order to build sustainable operations moving forward. I do, however, think cross-industry collaboration will be key to just how sustainable those solutions are. 2. The reality is that due to COVID-19 the talent pool has been flooded with a very high level skill as employees who were previously never considering leaving have been forced to look for more stable options. This will create a rich talent pool within sector.
  • I think employers will re-skill existing teams for most service lines. Employers today want to be seen as caring for their people and doing what they can to preserve jobs and promote well-being of their teams. I do think that in order for some of that reskilling to happen, some external experts will be assisting on consulting or ad-hoc bases.

There will be a webinar next week hosted by Krishnan Doyle on this leadership topic. You can register here; This is very much an open Webinar with lots of questions and we will be encouraging some of the audience to get on screen and share their thoughts. Please join us to get involved in the discussion.


Date Published: 11th June 2020