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Did you know that on average, over 40% of vacancies within the hospitality industry are private and confidential? This may well mean that the opportunity you’ve been waiting to apply for won’t be advertised.

It appears headhunting has also become more ‘in trend’ as a method of talent acquisition for confidential assignments and here’s why:

Companies increasingly fear the exposure of making a vacancy public in an ever competitive market place. This could be due to HR related issues, confidential growth strategies, new ventures, mergers, legal issues… the list goes on.

This is more likely to be the case for more desirable work places where the protection of their brand and reputation is paramount. For candidates seeking to break in to these market leading companies the services of a talented recruiter have never been more important.

The COREcruitment Way

A designated team of trained executive recruitment specialists rely on a headhunting process of locating and approaching select candidates who are usually not seeking (passive) new employment.

The headhunting process differs from the normal recruitment process. Headhunting requires using many different resources to analyse the market segment and look at candidates in terms of skill, culture fit, growth potential and motivation. Outside of our large database, COREcruitment have other avenues we use to successfully headhunt top candidates.

Headhunting is not about quantity but rather quality, in many cases COREcruitment will only present two or three candidates for first stage. Headhunting is about building a relationship with these candidates and maintaining their interest in the position. Our consultants are trained to assess genuine interest and filter out candidates that are just entertaining the idea.

The war on talent is in full swing, get in touch to see how we can assist.