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Large Sized Tech Business - full stack recruitment 

Hospitality tech client joined forces with CORE in 2015 to find hospitality focused relationship managers. They particularly like people that come from relevant hospitality backgrounds, such as bars, restaurants or hotels, and therefore understand the needs of their customers from a user’s point of view.

The scope: Lots of people want to leave hospitality hours, so getting through the volume of applicants is challenging. There were also issues of staff retention.

The challengesThere were some issues with retention due to the change in pace of moving into an office based role.

The CORE solution: We sent them people with the right experience and personality. Can be a shock going from hospitality to more office based roles so finding the right drive in people meant rigorous screening. Luckily, this is what we do best!

We were able to use our resources to tap into a wealth of candidates from managers in independent pubs to operations managers for multi-national restaurants. By utilising our 100,000 social media connections, over 565,000 candidates on our database, we were also able to access candidate profiles that were not searching at all, or passively searching and attracted by the great company profile.

Since 2015 we have placed candidates in relationship management roles, training, inventory and payroll consultant positions. By having a great understanding of their company culture, which is a huge factor in the recruitment process, we are able to quickly and efficiently send candidates with a high ratio of being booked for interview, and therefore getting offers.  

The duration of the search was 10 weeks from assignment to offer stage