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Top 5 interview tips to land you that job


Succeeding in job interviews evolves around three essential characteristics: research, practice, and persistence.

 The more effort you put into your interview preparation, the more success you’ll see in obtaining job offers.


1.    Research!


A successful interview starts with a solid foundation of knowledge on the job seeker’s part.

 The more you can educate yourself on the company, the hiring person and office culture, the stronger chance you have to create an impact in the eye of the interviewer.

In a recent survey, employers stated that 25% of their candidates were not knowledgeable enough in key elements of the company and its culture.

Doing background research helps you further understand the role and strengthen your responses to the interviewer’s questions.


2.    Review common interview questions


First, ask the hiring manager what style of interview you can expect.

Once you have worked out the type of interview and how many people you will be meeting, you can then review common interview questions and use your knowledge gained from research to help prepare your responses.

By being able to reference a trade show held recently by the company, for example, you will appear to be invested, educated and interested in the company - more so than your competition.

This will also help you develop further talking points for any unexpected questions.


3.    Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!


Plan your wardrobe so that it reflects how you will present yourself as if you already work there.

Err…on the side of caution, keep accessories like Jewellery and head pieces to a minimum.

The best look to go for is minimalist, clear and crisp with freshly washed and iron clothes.

If you are unsure of an item of clothing, it’s a no.

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for business-wear inspiration.


4.    Be personable.


When you are first met by your interviewer, greet them by name and introduce yourself; they know your name (they have your CV), but it allows them to witness how you deal with people you haven’t met before.

Make sure they remember you by creating a warm first impression and being personable with your approach.

Mention specifics about the office, its amazing location or stunning views; let the interviewer know you would be a happy and enthusiastic team member.

Remember that having a positive attitude and expressing enthusiasm for the job and employer are vital in the initial stages of the interview; studies show that hiring managers make critical decisions about job applicants in the first 20 minutes of the interview.


5.    Be Curious!


You know, at the end of the interview, when you are asked if you have any questions?

Always have questions, it shows you are an active thinker and question what you don’t know rather than pretending you do.

Throughout the research phase, gather some ideas together to shape your questions around, try to be as specific as you can to the role – this will further develop the idea that you are attentive and engaged and will set you apart from someone who wraps up the interview as quickly as possible.