Senior Executives

If you are looking for a senior management or director level role within the service industry – or if you are looking to attract top, senior talent to your business or organisation
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We have an outstanding track record in matching top candidates to senior industry positions and we are experts in executive recruitment.

Director Level Roles

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Staff turnover can be a costly business. With each employee who leaves to move goes a great deal of investment, in both time and money. In the worst case scenario, turnover can have a snowball effect, causing other employees to follow suit and leaving you scrambling to reassemble your staff resources.

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Employer Executive

Our Selection Process

Setting up and running an open day can create a great opportunity for potential employees to visit your business, interact with members of staff, ask questions and understand what it’s like to work for you.

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Seniror Executive Jobs

Senior Executive Jobs

The best and most talented candidates are confident in their bargaining power and want to have some degree of job flexibility. Some will ask for four-day weeks, reduced hours or remote working. Others will just want the flexibility to stay at home and look after their sick kids when the need arises and not feel guilty about it.

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Executive Search Specialists

Our Experienced Executive Search Specialists

People are motivated in many different ways, with career advancement and a better work/life balance often topping the list when the reasons for changing jobs or sticking with an employer are weighed up. If the basic salary is at market rate, there are several cost-effective perks and incentives that can be provided to attract and retain talent motivated by more than the cash value of a salary package.

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