What we do

COREcruitment is founded on our guiding principles of integrity, efficiency and transparency. We are diligent in following our tried and tested method of recruitment as outlined below.

emp-wwd-04-authorisation1. Authorisation

First of all, we ensure that COREcruitment has full authorisation to recruit for the position being offered.

2. Company Briefing

  • We take a full brief on the position
  • We record the required skills, knowledge and aptitudes directly related to the role
  • We record the type of experience necessary
  • We record the competencies necessary
  • We take note of the required background of education and training
  • Finally, we note any criteria relating to personal qualities or circumstances which are essential and directly linked to the job, and which must be applied equally to all groups irrespective of age, gender, race, nationality, religion or belief, disability, membership or non-membership of a trade union. To do otherwise is potentially discriminatory.

emp-wwd-04-work3. The Work Environment

We take time to understand the working environment itself, which often involves speaking to the hiring manager or visiting the business site to gain a better understanding of the organisation and the recruiter.

4. Additional Information Gathering

We also collect peripheral information regarding the role, such as induction, training and benefits.

emp-wwd-04-candidate5. Candidate Search

The search for suitable candidates now begins, with the simple objective of gathering a good selection of high quality candidates. Candidates are sourced from internal and external searching and also personal referrals from our team's extensive contact network.

6. Building the Candidate Portfolio

All applicant CVs are collected and reviewed against the criteria profile. Those who do not have the right experience and qualifications do not move forward in the process and are given feedback where requested.

emp-wwd-04-screening7. Candidate screening

Those candidates who do have the right mix of skills and experience are spoken to by phone to further assess their background and experience. We ask about their motivation for changing from their current job and what factors caused them to move on from past roles.

8. Practical Issues

We also check candidates' working status in the UK; record salary levels in previous roles; check on driving license status; and assess the feasibility of relocation and preferred locations.

emp-wwd-04-discussion9. Pre-interview discussion

We discuss the role with suitable applicants and present the job details and information collected at the beginning of the process.

10. Candidate Management

We then manage candidates through the application process – collecting and giving feedback, and ensuring their continued interest in the role. We aim to keep in touch with successful candidates through their 3-month probation period and beyond to make sure that no problems arise.