What we do

Sales and marketing strategy for finding and handling candidates:


One of COREcruitment's guiding principles is that we always take the initiative. Rather than responding passively and waiting for candidates to come to us – we go looking for them. This has enabled us, time and again, to find high quality candidates for our partner companies. To achieve this, we have put in place a carefully structured sales and marketing strategy which underpins our recruitment efforts. This process cuts two ways – we are active in finding the right roles for the individuals we represent, as well as finding the perfect individuals for the companies we represent!

Sales and marketing area COREcruitment is recruiting for:


A primary focus for COREcruitment is to attract talented sales and marketing professionals to a variety of roles across the service industry. Our candidate portfolio comprises a wide range of experience and seniority – from internal sales executives to sales directors, marketing assistants to marketing directors, and all levels in between. As world markets become ever more competitive and sales and marketing techniques continue to improve and advance, it is vital to any business to hire highly competent sales and marketing staff. Our ability to understand the unique aspects of our clients' businesses help us to excel in finding the right people for these key roles.