Diversity & Inclusion


CORE Ambition

Our priority is to adopt an inclusive work environment, where diversity and inclusion thrive internally and externally.

We focus around four keys points: a global mindset, diversity of talent, inclusion, and equality


CORE Mission

COREcruitment aspires to be one of the leading organisations for diversity and inclusion both as an employer and as an international recruitment agency.

We strongly believe that we reflect the diversity of our clients and candidates and therefore treat everyone with dignity and respect.

COREcruitment does not condone any kind of discrimination, harassment, victimisation, or bullying.


CORE Equal Opportunities

As a global recruitment agency, we cultivate an environment where behaviours are welcoming and respectful no matter of anyone’s gender, race, age, social background, origins…

Resourcing talent from different perspectives and experiences, we gain competitive advantage and leverage the effect of diversity.


CORE Approach

We integrate fundamental elements like alleviating any sort of bias, inclusive leadership, diverse talent base in our recruitment process and leadership framework.

We promote inclusive leadership role models and gamechangers across all the sectors we cover.

We are committed to provide our team with Diversity & Inclusion Workshops which have been and are being organised throughout the year to increase awareness.


CORE Commitment

Operating within one of the most diverse and inclusive sectors, we are participating in creating a culture where everyone is valued and where diversity is embraced.


For Our Valued Clients and Candidates

COREcruitment employees work in total confidence when engaging either with candidates or clients.

Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and will include (but not limited to): age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, marital status, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief…

All adverts for published vacancies will be aligned with our Diversity & Inclusion policy and according to the job description given by the employer.

No candidate will receive less favourable treatment on discriminatory grounds of any form.

Candidates are selected entirely on their skills and competencies and in alignment with each role’s specifications and/or requirements and where transparency prevails.


CORE Responsibility and Follow-up

COREcruitment employees work in total confidence when engaging either with candidates or clients.

COREcruitment will be committed to monitor the progress on our Diversity & Inclusion culture and ambition on a continuous basis and that we operate within these policies and adequate steps are taken to avoid discrimination.

A breach of our code of conduct and any of our diversity & inclusion policies will be treated as disciplinary offences and will be dealt with under COREcruitment’s disciplinary process.