Interim Recruitment

Interim Recruitment

Interim recruitment, also known as temporary recruitment, is a model whereby skilled professionals support and contribute to projects or fill temporary skills gaps while a permanent hire is made.

Interim contracts can look different depending on the scope of projects and the length of time interim support is needed for.


Interim recruitment allows your business to quickly adjust their workforce size according to changing needs, ensuring they're not overstaffed during slow periods or understaffed during busy times.

Seasonal demands: It's a cost-effective way to meet seasonal or short-term demands without long-term commitments.

Cost efficiency

Interim hiring allows your company to control labour costs, avoiding expenses associated with full-time employees such as benefits, training, and retention efforts. Companies can allocate budgets more efficiently by paying for interim talent only when needed.

Strategic agility

Interim recruitment supports strategic agility by allowing companies to swiftly respond to market changes, launch new projects, or scale up or down as needed.

Workforce diversity

A diverse talent pool: interim recruitment allows companies to tap into a more diverse talent pool, aiding in building a more inclusive workforce.

Talent pipeline

Long-term benefits: interim professionals can be considered for permanent roles if they prove themselves during their temporary assignments, creating a reliable talent pipeline.

Why COREcruitment?

As a recruitment agency specialising in hospitality, catering, leisure, facilities, events, IT, and FMCG sectors. Over the years, we have witnessed a significant surge in interim roles, a trend driven by various factors including workforce fluctuations and the dynamic nature of business.

Within our extensive database lies a large talent pool to reach out to for interim roles. This resource empowers us to move swiftly to engage with senior-level professionals, providing you with a seamless recruitment process for your staffing requirements.

Our name is synonymous with excellence in the market. We've cultivated a strong brand presence both across the United Kingdom and worldwide.

When you engage our services, you'll be partnered with a dedicated consultant. Their primary mission is to source and find the ideal candidates for your interim positions. Right from the outset, we collaborate to establish a timeline, ensuring that all stakeholders are united in our collective drive of filling the vacancy with utmost efficiency.

Are you looking to hire a new member of staff? We can help!