Candidate Screening

Candidate Screening

At COREcruitment we don't believe in waiting for things to happen, we like to make them happen! To that end we have intentionally created a highly proactive recruitment process.

We work diligently and professionally to find a strong fit that matches a client’s brief and the greater business environment as well as meeting the candidates aspirations and goals.

We work actively with candidates within our specialist industry to match them with relevant position listed with our clients. When engaging with new candidates our first goal is always to build a strong relationship and gain a sense of the candidates needs, skills and aspirations. We engage in conversations both over the phone or in person, first establishing there motivation for seeking a new role, there career ambitions and preferences for work environment. Based on there previous experience, qualifications and ambitions we informally interview candidates to assistant skill level, specialist knowledge, industry expertise, management or work style and work ethic and commitment.

After initial registration we actively stay in touch and engage with candidates who are both actively or passively seeking a new role. We feel this enables us to support individuals through their career while also building a strong network.

Before discussing specific vacancy positions with new or pre-screened candidates we always assess the brief to establish essential criteria and additional experience that would elevate a candidates suitability for the position. We engage in a more detailed conversation to specifically ensure there is a strong fit with the vacancy brief.

We continue this open discussion throughout an interview process, enabling us to not only support candidates but actively guide and support the client decision making process.