James McDermott

CORE Profile

I spent most of my career working for a luxury hotel chain and then moving on to running my own pub. 

I caught the recruitment bug with a smaller firm. I sought out a position at CORE because it's where anyone specialising in hospitality wants to be!

I am recruiting within the pubs & bars sector for roles such as: 

  • - Area Managers
  • - General Managers
  • - Assistant Managers
  • - Venue Managers
  • - Business Development Managers
  • - and many more...




Here is a little bit about my journey and how I ended up happy and settled at COREcruitment…

My background was always hospitality.

As a kid I grew up in pubs and it was always an environment I enjoyed being in. 

I loved the social aspect and loved talking to everyone from all walks of life and learning as I went along about people, personalities, and cultures. 

When I turned 21 after a calamitous first 3 years looking for the right job for me, I ended up as a waiter in a very recognised hotel chain, working my way up to F&B Manager and finally becoming a GM in an Irish pub and so the dream became a reality…

Then, COVID became a reality. When we came back from lockdown, I realised all the sacrifices I was making in my personal life with late night and weekend work, but I wouldn’t want to do anything outside of the hospitality industry, so I didn’t know where to turn and then a message from Hollie at CORE via LinkedIn came along just at the right time!

The interview process was thorough but not overwhelming with some laughs sprinkled along the way and the more people I got to meet from the company the more I became obsessed with getting this role! 

I started at CORE 5 months ago now and I have loved every minute, don’t get me wrong recruitment is a rollercoaster but when you have a team like this around you even the bad days are not so bad! 

I love the people here; I love the culture I definitely love the socials (never met a more fun group). 

Recruitment is a hard industry as much as some will make you believe it’s easy, but it is so rewarding and in a company like CORE where you get given all the tools, training, and support anyone can need then it will become whatever you make of it! 


What did you want to be when you were younger?

I actually wanted to make furniture like my Dad. I love him, but we could not work together!

What do you enjoy most?

People – Everyone has got their own story and everyone has a different upbringing or culture and I love getting to hear and learn about it. Getting to talk to all types of people in all types of places I believe makes you a better rounded person.

What do you do when you're not at work?

I can be found on a search for the best pint of Guinness in London. It’s all for market research 😉