Kate Jordan

CORE Profile

I specialise in the Restaurant and Delivery sector.

Spending most of my career within the hospitality sector, it's great to transfer my knowledge into a sector I love. I head up the restaurant team and we work with incredible branded, independent and start-up companies – working on permanent positions such as:

  • - Managing Directors
  • - Heads of Operations
  • - Operations Directors
  • - Operations Managers
  • - Regional/Area Managers
  • - General Managers
  • - Restaurant Managers
  • - Assistant Managers
  • - Heads of Sales
  • - etc…


What do you enjoy most?

I love the tough roles – the ones where others give up and move on. The roles where you must really know your client and what they are looking for and the best candidates for that role, an opportunity to consult for your client and challenge them. Matching the two and genuinely helping to shape an organisation knowing that you got it right and giving that candidate an opportunity to really shine and make the next step in their career ladder – all about that for me! Our team here happen to be absolute gold too – which is a massive bonus!

What did you want to be when you were younger?

A storm chaser... after watching Twister!

What do you do when you're not at work?

Being a mum, attempting to stay fit and getting outdoors as much as possible!