60 seconds with…Billy Buchanan, CEO – LT Management Services

How was the re-opening of your business and how was it carried out in line with safety procedures put in place to allow social distancing?

As our business is to provide services to our clients we have been advising and helping all of our clients get their businesses open and this has allowed us to see all of the clients benefit from the lessons that each of them have learned and the solution we have been able to put in place in different types of premises and businesses.

How is the general feeling and feedback from your team members and your customers now the lockdown is over?

People are glad to be back and we have been able to help our existing clients with some new ways to look at their business and we have taken on a number of new clients who are now looking to do things differently to help their business get back to a strong position. Working across a number of businesses in the sector allows a really good opportunity to share experiences and ideas to benefit all of our clients.

What role has technology played in supporting your re-opening plan?

Technology and systems is always a key focus for us to ensure efficiency for our business and that of our clients. The one main addition to the normal routine which I am sure has been the case for so many has been a lot of Zoom and Teams calls.

What market trends are you seeing since re-opening?

We have seen a lot of inbound enquiries as to how we can help people with their business. As an outsource company who provides services across all categories we find that where businesses can no longer afford in house resource or where the same has become expensive , outsourcing all or part of the service provision they need across finance, payroll, back office, IT and operations can sometimes make the difference between survival and not.

What techniques have you used to build sales and re-engage customers?

Most of my time is spent explaining when outsourcing is a good option and getting people who would benefit from our services comfortable with what they see as giving up control. The most convincing technique is simply to provide references from existing clients. It is not simply a saving in cost that can be achieved through outsourcing but also a tailored service which can benefit from our vast experience and knowledge.

What positive lessons do we need to learn from what the industry has been through?

I think that if we learned one lesson from the last 6 months it is that there is no monopoly on good ideas and collaboration and discussion will lead to the best result for the industry and the companies within it. The businesses that I see coping the best are the ones that discuss and consult internally and externally to find what now must be a new best practice for the industry as for a lot of things the old best practice is no longer the best we can do.


Date Published: 28th September 2020