60 seconds with…Martijn Boon, General Manager (Soft Services) - Shell HQ The Hague, Compass-Group (Eurest Services)

How was the re-opening of your business and how was it carried out in line with safety procedures put in place to allow social distancing? 

We never closed a 100%, occupancy dropped to 5/6 % We launched new Covid House rules, so all people need to comply and understand the rules. Working at home is the rule. 

Only business critical is allowed. Projects, on Hard service side have been intensified, improvements due to lower occupancy. 

Working staff from Compass has received additional training, what the impact of Covid has on performing in their tasks. How to work and perform safely at the office. (Kitchen, cleaning, front desks) 1,5 metre forced at working stations, elevators, hallways, all “traffic” stickers in order to have a safe flow off people.

How is the general feeling and feedback from your team members and your customers now the lockdown is over? 

It is not over yet…The Netherlands, but people who are allowed to go to the office are in general quite happy

What role has technology played in supporting your re-opening plan?

Quite a bit, webcasting, Instruction video’s how to behave, RtO training, e-learning modules. 

What market trends are you seeing since re-opening? 

More demand for creating a safe & healthy workplace at home, all cashless, less touchpoints, pre-ordering and paying apps. 

Future way of working will have an impact on the design in offices, shift to more social needs, estimation 50/50 work from home to be at the office

What positive lessons do we need to learn from what the industry has been through? 

Health is the most important thing in your life! Climate control stimulate accelerate reduction of the CO2. More quality time with family, at home.


Date Published: 2nd December 2020