#behuman is the new #bekind

So, a while back, quite a while now – November 2018 to be precise – I was recruiting for people to join our team here at CORE. I used some key words / phrases in that campaign: support, karma, human, delivering on promises (beer may also have been mentioned, to be honest), and as I sit and reflect on the current global situation, they just resonate all the more.

For me, there is one clear, resounding message on the line right now: Be Human. Be more human than you ever thought you were capable of. Every single person is being tried in ways that there is literally no prep for. The world has become a very, very different place in a matter of weeks and knowing ‘the right thing to do’ and ‘when to do it’ is not something that we can Google the answer to.

Largely though, humans are brilliant. My heart is gladdened daily by the enormous efforts of communities, be they local, virtual or global, to look out for and support each other. To share what they know, to offer their help, to chip in with tips to keep us sane and keep us connected.

No contribution to these is too small or insignificant, and every contribution fortifies the human in us all.

I know that everybody is doing their best. I know some people are risking everything.

Thank you to the book club creators, to the crafty entertainers of children, to the positivity-picture-posters, to the emotional and open, to the fitness fans, to the IT Support teams, to the motivators, to the listeners, to the bold and imaginative innovators, to the decision makers, to the transformers of spaces, to the prepared and to the willing.

To the countless others and to every cog in the wheel.

To the frontline.

Thank you.

Perhaps #bekind should always have been #behuman.

Sheila Ingram

Specialist Recruiter – Property, Estates & FM




Date Published: 2nd April 2020