Virtual reality in leisure & fitness

With the new PS5 available to pre-ordered and an increase in demand for tech-based living we are seeing technology helping many through the tough pandemic times. What can VR offer us?

VR gaming has become ever popular especially with the closure of Gyms and leisure facilities back in March. I’m interested to know what have companies done to combine gaming and fitness? Fitness gaming is considered to be a high-octane fat burner – Let’s see what options are available on the market.

“Grab your Towel, Bottle of water and Smartwatch” – For our VR workout


Players punch to the beat and get their sweat on while listening to the heart-thumping rhythm of electronica. This is a VR game that is great for conditioning the arms, shoulders, and chest while getting some sweat dripping cardio in. The game doesn’t just make you box your way to fitness, it will count how many calories were destroyed during a workout.

The good: BoxVR is still the best fitness-focused rhythm boxing game around. You can use it to prep yourself for tougher games, and it effortlessly fits into a real fitness boxing workout routine. Also, there’s not much friction to speak of with BoxVR. It’s very easy to throw on an Oculus Quest and jump right into a BoxVR workout and right back out once you’re finished.

The bad: As a game, BoxVR isn’t the gamers choice. There’s no adventure to go on, but coincidentally it’s one of the few games where there’s an “adventure” to be had in all the physical exertion that you do. This isn’t so much a con as it is a warning: expect an extremely strait-laced, minimalist fitness boxing game. Nothing more. But also nothing less. And luckily, with a large number of different workout routines to play with.


A rhythm-based cube slicing and obstacle weaving VR game that’s going to set your fitness tracker on fire. Players match their neon red and blue sabres to the corresponding cubes as they are moving down the illuminated platform.

The good: Beat Saber is a fun game that gets you moving in all directions. Playing the game on high or expert levels will give you the biggest bang for your workouts. The songs are good, upbeat and make you feel like a bad ass when you master the levels. Beat Saber is also a game that can deliver a solid workout if you give it you’re all. This game is a must to add to your VR workout routines.

The Bad: if there was a playlist option so you could queue up the songs and in what order I wanted them in. It would be amazing to be able to play your own music library with Beat Saber. Hopefully, that will be an add-on someday. Lastly, to make this game purely amazing, there need to be incentives in the game that makes you strive to play more. Unlocking new songs, unlocking different levels, adding PvP or being able to challenge your friends could add a lot to the replay ability of the game.


An active VR boxing title that will have you punching your way towards a serious sweat session. You’ll be fighting 9 opponents, earning Golden Gloves, and will get a cardio and conditioning workout at the same time. Playing Grudge Match, Reflex Alley, Focus Mitt Training, and Speed Bag will give you hours of full-body exercise. Utilize room-scale and move around with your opponent as you punch and weave to fire up the fat burn! time_continue=89&v=oglvBfBZ4CM&feature=emb_title

The Good: arcade style boxing game that will push you to your limits if you are not already physically fit. You can easily take this game and make it a regular workout game that replaces pretty much any other exercise you currently do beyond running.

The Bad: really no real bad reviews on this – overall gaming and exercise benefits make this one of the best VR Games on the market.

My verdict:

Overall, you have many options in the VR fitness world that cover a mixture of more “gamer” focused or more fitness workout focused challenges. Each have varied levels of difficulty and skills levels for a mixture of ages, sizes and fitness abilities. Exercise is important to all ages young and old especially during these uncertain times so as the world does Fitness needs to move with the times and VR seems to be leading the way in mixing Gaming and Exercise.

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Date Published: 29th September 2020