What have we learned 5 months on...

COREcruitment remained open for business through the pandemic & it has been a very interesting time to be a recruiter through these testing times.

So, what have we learned 5 months on, well practically most things have changed since lockdown of COVID-19, social distancing became the new normal & life was thrown in up in the air. People are still adjusting to communicating with their family & friends over video calls, standing a couple of feet separated from one another & while wearing masks at the supermarkets.

The biggest change for some has been the idea of working remotely. Will working from home be the new normal or will it set a new trend? Will companies be able to look at it as a sensible alternative? In answer to this, we conducted a survey to focus on the 4 areas below with key industry leaders within the FMCG Industry to get a consensus of how they have managed their businesses and pivot as we continue to navigate through the current climate.

What positives will organisations take out of this that will benefit the business for the future?

The Food Sector is very resilient and as such there is no need to panic in difficult times. Many of our clients have had more time to review their businesses during lockdown which, they never had before to look at what they are doing and re-align the strategies, this is where COREcruitment has supported in areas of recruitment strategies & salary bench marking. The industry has at last shown that working from home can be very effective & efficient and that technology can enable us to work remotely, hopefully, this will stick, and we will all do less travelling unnecessarily.

What are the main concerns for your business returning back to work?

As with most businesses, they are dependent on staff returning to offices this can impact what current offerings are and it means companies need to align with the constant changes they face. Safety of all, should be the only difficulty in returning to work.

The biggest concern being is that people quickly forget that it is not yet over, and we just go back to what happened before.

How will you continue to engage and communicate with your staff & customers to ensure safety procedures are followed?

Constant communication will be key when dealing with staff and customers alike. Communicating with customers through talking to them directly where possible, through in-store signage and through social media. Making sure that they all understand their roles in keeping everyone safe, customers will be willing to deal by phone and video call, and this will maybe continue, as it puts less pressure on everyone.

Also, empathy and understanding when anyone is directly impacted by the effects of the pandemic, we need to engage on a daily basis through video calls and regularly keep teams informed of how the business is doing and continually ask for input from our teams.

What will the “new normal” look like for you, how things will change and what market trends you are expecting?

The "new normal" is very difficult to predict, in the main the view is that companies will be much more flexible about working from home and start times for staff.

The new novel looks like smaller offices and lower overheads, less travelling, except where absolutely necessary, and respect and appreciation that everyone is doing their best.

This pandemic has shown than many of the things we did before were not necessarily as effective as they should be, and we can only really reduce our impact on the planet when shown the need to by such an issue.

The office will not disappear, but it will become much more of a collaboration space and a brand image space where employees and guests will see the best of the company. Hubs will appear to allow employee to work remotely but, in a space that others can work in order to enable communication and interaction.

What is the conclusion?

The verdict is in, companies have evolved, and some have experienced a huge rise in productiveness, it looks like higher importance to keep better communication is key for greater efficiency at work to continue in the new normal.

As always we are here to support you if you need anything in the coming months and we are able to offer our recruitment services in a flexible and affordable way, to meet the current climate.

 Please feel free to get in touch taj@corecruitment.com

Date Published: 24th September 2020