60 seconds with… Dean Prosser, Marketing Manager – Electric Star Pubs

What has been the most successful marketing platform you have used throughout COVID to communicate with your customers?

 We've seen such a great response from our email marketing - that's really the only thing we've been using to drive messages for each of our sites over the past few months while our new websites are being built. 

How have you stayed ahead of your competition? 

What new innovations have you delivered in the last 6 months and how have you promoted them?

 We've had to pivot in these times and offer something that a) we were able to do at the time and b) something quicker than other places around us. When our pubs weren't allowed to fully trade a few months ago we moved into offering a takeaway service - which we're continuing to do currently, so people could order food and drinks from us and take them back to their homes. 

Have you used any new digital marketing techniques or Apps to support your business and have they been successful?

 We have launched a brand new app during the past 6 months, this has facilitated customers ordering from the table so nobody has to get up to the bar and also allows us to put any new messages about upcoming promotions or events - it's been an absolute godsend having our customers used to ordering like this for a few weeks and getting used to the process before government guidelines were put in place for customers not to get up from their seats.

What changes have you seen in customer behaviour?

 In our experience, the first week or two or any new guidelines have seen takings drop in all of our sites, but then customers get used to the new rules and adapt again and things slowly start steadying back out again. The only thing that has been difficult is constantly reminding customers to wear masks now indoors and to stay seated - but such massive changes will take time to sink into customers brains (I've made the same mistakes myself!)


What do you expect the main challenges to be in next 6 months and how will you have to adapt your marketing strategy?

 In the next few months, our biggest challenge as a business is what events in our sites will look like going forward - what innovative and safe events can we hold and the biggest challenge currently is - What will Christmas 2020 look like and how best can we serve our customers a fantastic Christmas experience. 

One positive you take away from this year and hopes for the future?

One positive from this year is that as a business we have survived and learned to pivot - where so many others haven't been as fortunate. Our hope for the future is to continue expanding - hopefully opening up our 7th site sometime next year. 


Date Published: 6th October 2020