60 seconds with…Gianfranco Morbini, Founder of Hotel Force

Hotel Force is a volunteer mentoring programme endeavoured by hospitality professionals in order to actively support hoteliers to accelerate their recovery by offering them free tailored advice.

How has your business dealt with the lockdown, what steps did you take?

As a volunteering initiative that was launched during the UK lockdown (May 2020), all the sessions provided are online. That way we could offer much more convenience for hoteliers through a wider range of time-slots and mentors’ expertise, as some of them are based within different countries and time-zones.

How are you keeping engaged with the staff at this time?

All the 28 members, within mentors and supporters, that have joined the initiative are from the tech-space, thus they are very used to working remotely and leading online sessions. The internal communications and updates are done via LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

What’s been your biggest surprise for the company in a positive way?

The biggest surprise has been to be contacted by many hospitality professionals from around the world offering support and to promote Hotel Force in the countries where they are based. As far as we are all in the same boat, it is great to know that many hospitality professionals felt encouraged to play a role in helping our industry to recover.

How will social distancing affect your business, what plans do you have in place?


The social distancing measures that are being put in place are affecting and postponing the travellers' decisions in regards to dates and destinations, and that has stuck the hoteliers in a tough position as the demand for the near future remains unforeseeable. Our main focus in doing mentoring sessions is to help them scrutinize their operation in order to become more efficient and prepared for the challenges of the New-Normal Era.

 What trends are you seeing to come out this time?

Overall, to focus on customer-centricity to help hospitality heal. Currently, our offer covers 9 areas of mentoring: Data Analytics, Finance, Guest Experience, Marketing, Online Distribution, Operation, Revenue, Prospection, GDS.  We are planning to expand the programme into more specific areas according to the sort of support that hoteliers might demand in the coming weeks. If we succeed in spreading the word out about Hotel Force, we are not only helping the professionals to get back in business quicker but helping many hoteliers to come out stronger on the other side. 

Date Published: 15th July 2020