I set up COREcruitment back in 2005. Just before doing so, I went to spend a month doing senior investment and corporate finance recruitment (everyone has one thing they miss off their CV!). 

Having worked in restaurants since the age of 12, I think it very safe to say I am a hospitality person. The people, the positivity and the proactivity of the sector is amazing; people come to spend time with us to enjoy themselves. That’s a great sector to be part of. 

It is quite undeniable that if I had stuck with corporate investment recruitment rather than services, I would probably now live in Holland Park instead of Victoria Park – but we all make our choices 😉

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, we have been running a series of webinars and I want to give a shout-out to all entrepreneurs (this sector’s life blood) who have not given up or become disengaged despite anything that COVID or the Government’s decisions have/still throw at them on a nearly daily basis. I am not going to get political but COME ON Boris! We have seen pivoting, innovations, acquisitions, partnerships, franchising, new concepts emerging, transformations and some of the best property deals we’ve ever heard of (some securing rent free periods of up to 4 years!).

I have now interviewed over 800 leaders: from BrewDog to BoxPark, all listed here:

To get everyone into the “entrepreneur” mindset, we are also going to have a series in February just looking at “entrepreneurship” across all the industry’s sectors. We are currently putting together our speakers list for, so If you know anyone you would like to recommend as a guest speaker or would like to sign up, then just follow the links below. 


12PM                    COREntrepreneurship session


12PM                    COREntrepreneurship session


12PM                    COREntrepreneurship session


12PM                    COREntrepreneurship session    


Hopefully with things looking to reopen in spring/early summer, this will help with positive ideas and positive thinking… 

All the best for 2021


Date Published: 19th January 2021