New Leaders in Leisure & Entertainment

COREcruitment has been open for business through the pandemic. It has been a very interesting time to be a recruiter. The needs and expectations of both clients and candidates are drastically different to three months ago. The best leaders are adapting fast to the new world – they are looking for a very different profile of the person to operate within their businesses moving forward. The pandemic will, of course, end. But the world will look like a very different place.

The leisure and entertainment industry has truly been hit and both leaders and companies will surely have to change in order to adapt. I have asked leaders from Malco Theatres, Scene 75, LEGOLAND®, Active Wellness, and Andretti Indoor Karting & Games on their thoughts on how COVID-19 has shaped the world of entertainment and what trends they have been seeing.

What are their qualities? 

All 5 interviewees have agreed on how important Emotional Intelligence will be and how leaders will need to be both emphatic and adaptable - now more than ever.

With the job market at it's most competitive stage, managers are going to have to have these new qualities to be able to really be successful in the Leisure and Entertainment division.

Post-COVID could be a good sign for leaders who are looking to transition into other areas of hospitality as long as they have a "can-do" attitude and as long as they have the new core skills that hiring managers are looking for, they can teach them the sector and brand!

Which behaviours will employers be looking for?

Again, all 5 stress about the importance of ethics and adaptability. Leaders who take the time to evaluate the situation, instead of rushing into it head-on, without pausing and seeing what other solutions there may be - is what employers are really going to be searching for.

Lynda Thomas, from Scene 75 mentions how they will really like to see leaders who used their time wisely during COVID-19 to improve their skills and "looked at this pandemic as a learning experience".

Will employers be more open to looking outside of the sector?

All 5 Leisure and Entertainment Leaders were very positive that companies will be open to seeing candidates from other hospitality sectors - as long as they have the key qualities that COVID-19 has brought out - empathy, adaptability, and a can-do attitude.

Employers will be looking for Character and Macro Aptitudes and they know if employees have 90% of these skills, they can teach them the remainder on their brand and sector!

Will employers re-skill existing teams or look externally?

All 5 agreed that there will be a combination of both. As Lynda has said, COVID-19 has changed everything, so companies, businesses, and leaders will have to change. Employers will have to re-skill teams, to make sure they are successful post COVID-19.

As Larry and Mike mentioned, they will have to re-skill in order to retain talent. Employees have changed over the past 3 months, their goals and advancements may have changed so this will be really important for companies to notice too in order to keep those rock star employees or they will like Larry said to start "job-hopping".

Date Published: 3rd August 2020