Now you got used to cooking at home more often maybe now is the time to better yourself and improve those skills!

Restaurant Kits have the solution for you.

You can choose kits from a curated selection of top restaurants and even cook along with their top chef's in your very own kitchen.

These include Mac and Wild, Flank, 1251, Corazon, Rola Wala, Vegan Dough Co and many more...

Their festive kits launch today, Friday 27th November allowing people to order kits for their friends and teams and cook along together at home or even better, be hosted by one of the restaurant's very own chefs.

It’s easy, affordable and environmentally friendly as all packaging elements are recyclable or biodegradable 

You MUST give it a go – it’s fun and delicious! TRY IT HERE: 


Date Published: 30th November 2020