How To Run A Recruitment Day

Run A Recruitment Day

Setting up and running an open day can create a great opportunity for potential employees to visit your business, interact with members of staff, ask questions and understand what it's like to work for you.

Open days are beneficial to both potential employee and employer. The employer can get an insight into how the job seeker functions in a social setting; how they interact with others; how they present themselves outside of the work environment. The job seeker can gain a much clearer understanding of the way in which your business functions before committing to work there.

Open days are also a great and simple way of advertising your business or service to the public. You won't hire every job seeker, but some may well return as customers.

Organising Your Open Day

In order to host a successful open day there needs to be good organisation, communication and coordination. We offer the following guidelines:

1. Work Together

Your staff must work together and pool their efforts to plan and organise the open day. It is essential that you make the event a team effort. Make sure members of staff are briefed about the event and clear on the role they each need to play in order to make it a success.

2. Plan The Date

Think carefully about the date. Organise the event far enough in advance that you can promote it in time. Potential employees who would like to attend may currently be employed elsewhere and will need to arrange time off.

3. Snacks and drinks

It's up to you if you want to offer food such as canap├ęs or other snacks, but it is advisable to at least offer coffee, tea and water to visitors. It helps to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and also to avoid any awkward silences.

4. Advertising The Open Day

Create a special landing page on your website dedicated to the event. If your business location is accessible to the public, make use of easily visible signs or posters advertising the event.

Need Our Help?

COREcruitment has organised many successful open days for our clients and we would be delighted to offer our expertise to arrange your event for you. Or, you can simply use us to advertise your event to help get candidates through your door.

For more information, speak to one of our consultants who will be able to brief you in detail on the services we can offer to make your open day a success. Contact us now or email