60 seconds with…Ed Bassett, Country Manager - Camptoo

How is the general feeling and feedback from your team members and your customers now?

The UK Staycation market made up for lost time in July, August and September with bookings up 135% YoY on camptoo.co.uk even with limited activity for the first 6 months of the year. The Summer saw a 400% YoY increase.

 We are like Airbnb but for Campervans and Motorhomes so provided an excellent option for many who couldn’t or didn’t wish to travel abroad and remain self-contained. 

Generally, our staff and customers were feeling more confident looking ahead to 2021 but the new lockdown has paused the market once again. 

We are seeing a lot of new vehicle owners coming onto the platform to earn extra income for their owners

What role has technology played in supporting your re-opening plan?

Very large indeed. 

We are a ‘tech’ market sharing platform so how we manage enquiries, bookings and financial transactions is super important in all circumstances but we have used the time to development new features for owners such as a Super User Status and an Owner Dashboard which enhance the user experience. 

We have been very active communicating to owners and travellers using the website, social media and marketing emails. 

We really can’t manage without a well performing technology – customer interface including WhatsApp 

What market trends are you seeing since re-opening?

Customers are leaving it late until they book with average of 2 weeks in the Summer and 35 days ahead over the year. 

We expect this to continue into 2021 with many people waiting to make reservations even though most camping businesses offer cash refunds now for 2021.

We expect the UK sector to be very buoyant across the tourism arena. Sales of new campers and caravans are growing 7% per annum and our rental fleet grew 80% this year as more people chose to gain extra income from campers and motorhomes

Where are the opportunities for newly redundant travel professionals currently

We are seeing strong demand in the boutique sector, niche camping and caravanning and market sharing sectors like Camptoo and Airbnb. 

We will see more people doing UK activities as people seek more nature-based activities and Camptoo have partnered up with Call to Adventure launching a new activity business in 2021

What advice do you have for anyone who now finds themselves redundant?

  • Assess wider opportunities - Network relentlessly - Go to firms with solutions and ideas - Ask for help - Get fit -
  • Communicate to loved ones and importantly don’t be too hard on yourself.

These are challenging times for all, and the markets will bounce back.



Date Published: 4th November 2020