60 seconds with…François Hoehlinger, Head of France, Belgium and Luxembourg – Flixbus

Flixbus Charter is focusing on group transportation in the world, whereas it is a sports club or an event. They provide green, sustainable and relevant bus transportation.

How is the general feeling and feedback from your team members and your customers now?

This period is a complicated one, whereas it comes to projections of business but also in terms of new offer. What is happening now impacts everybody and there is a strong need for change, felt by teams but also customers.

We put a strong emphasis on CSR, sustainability and ease of use, to allow our clients to partner with a company that drives towards a better world.

What role has technology played in supporting your reopening plan?

Technology played a strong support into monitoring daily operations, communicating with partners and clients. Anticipation and being able to shift swiftly your plans became a core strength to navigate through uncertainty.

What market trends are you seeing since reopening?

On a short-term basis, we definitely see a shift from schools to corporate shuttles and event organizer, whenever they are allowed to.

On a long-term, we understand that the market will never look the same, privileging:

  • Domestic travel (visiting your own region for example)
  • Sanitary measures
  • Eco-responsibility

The long-term vision is orientating to a safe and clear funnel, with a maximum of information for the passenger and an immersive experience.

Where are the opportunities for newly redundant travel professionals currently?

Opportunities always lie in diversifying your business model and aiming for recurrent revenue, by partnering with the whole ecosystem and to propose a totally new customer experience.

The crisis just highlighted a dying model that clients would have relinquished through the years.

What advice do you have for anyone who now finds themselves redundant?

Reinvent yourself, look at the new trends, collaborate out of your scope. We are collaborating with Techstars startup called Koala that created a full-fledged insurance product for us, because we were feeling that our customers were missing a part in our Flix experience.

Answers are usually lying somewhere; you need to reinvent the way you were thinking before!


Date Published: 2nd November 2020