60 seconds with…Tim Badham, Innerplace - CEO & Founder

How is the general feeling and feedback from your team members and your customers now?

Despite the recent more stringent restrictions, things are looking up and people continue to visit our restaurants and members clubs. Halloween has been particularly popular. The business meetings allowance has certainly helped too.

What role has technology played in supporting your re-opening plan?

A big part, we are about to bring in a whole new messaging system so we can communicate with members where they want to, across all messaging platforms.

What market trends are you seeing since re-opening?

Flight to quality - people would like to go out to the very best places if they are doing so less often and for less time.

Where are the opportunities for newly redundant travel professionals currently?

Tricky - if concierge / lifestyle management continues to pick up hopefully we will have opportunities early next year.

What advice do you have for anyone who now finds themselves redundant?

Try to look for different industries for with similar cross over skill set requirements. Great customer service and organisation is very valuable almost everywhere. 


Date Published: 2nd November 2020