Are you prepared for a new world?

OK so that’s a very dramatic title but let’s not shy away from it, these are dramatic times.

Around 20% of the world is currently on lock down, that’s 1.6 billion people restricted to their homes, and that number is bound to increase.

World leaders are describing this as an unprecedented time for mankind and a global challenge that humanity needs to face together.

So, it begs the question that when we come out the other side, and we will, what happens then? What changes will there be to the life we once knew? These questions are far too deep and well above my pay grade to answer. However, one area I may be able to give some insight, is how best to arm yourself for potential changes within the workplace and your job.

We are adapting as a society to become more mobile in our work life, hands up who used Zoom daily before this? We are developing best practices to enable an entire society, where possible, to work from home. A whole generation of people who couldn’t work an iPhone are now FaceTiming daily, with mixed success I may add (sorry mum) but it’s a start.

What are the ramifications for the workplace when we can return to a degree of normality?

With us relying on technology so heavily, are some employers going to realise that those ten employees they put on unpaid leave or made redundant, can be replaced by two employees with the right technology?

This is an opportunity, whilst we are working from home or have extra time on our hands, for us to prepare.

Use the time to upskill, gain extra qualifications, learn new systems that will benefit a future role. Make yourself the best possible candidate for that employer, become indispensable to your company, have a depth of knowledge that the other candidate simply doesn’t.

Joe Wicks is attempting to keep us all fit in our own home, but that’s 30 minutes out of a long day, that leaves ample time to take that online course that you have been putting off for so long.

In the coming weeks, when employers start recruiting again, there will be a large pool of candidates to choose from, so what is going to make you stand out from the pack?

At COREcruitment we strive to place the best possible candidate in front of our client, when all is said and done, that is our job.

So, if you have that extra edge you are putting yourself in yourself in pole position to grab that role you have always dreamed of.

COREcruitment was luckily one step ahead with online training – I have been learning everything from mental well-being to neuro-linguistic programming!

We, at COREcruitment, are adapting in the short term to work from home as well, so we are available to discuss how you can be prepared for that job interview or make yourself an attractive candidate to future employers.

Dan Hughes,

Food Service Recruitment Consultant


+44 (0) 2077902666


Date Published: 26th March 2020