60 seconds with…Samantha Samuel, Head of Marketing & Comms, London – MAMA SHELTER

What has been the most successful marketing platform you have used throughout COVID to communicate with your customers?

Instagram without a doubt. If you have grown your community organically, then you have an engaged audience who want to hear from you. Plus, no one wants to read a novel in content, people are conditioned to better respond to short, punchy and impactful content. Insta stories are great for this. 

How have you stayed ahead of your competition? 

What new innovations have you delivered in the last 6 months and how have you promoted them? 

In terms of innovation, marketing has largely remained the same since the beginning of time, the innovation is in the ways to deliver it. There was print, TV, then the web, email, now social media and other social channels. I think the role of a marketer is to understand your audience and give them what they want. 

Have you used any new digital marketing techniques or apps to support your business and have they been successful? 

We are currently on Deliveroo which is a slow burner for us. That is likely because everyone and their aunt is on it. Most avenues are going to be flooded with brands all vying for the same business, so we have focussed on the community we know and have. We also find that talking to them directly is successful.

What changes have you seen in customer behaviour? 

Our guests are as unsure about the situation as most people are. They need reassurance and for you to be educated on what the current status is as they don’t understand it. This means the relationship has changed, as they look to us more as a source of information and guidance. 

What do you expect the main challenges to be in next 6 months and how will you have to adapt your marketing strategy? 

For us it’s the constant shift in direction that makes it harder to plan and deliver any campaigns. One minute it is groups of six, then you have a 10pm curfew. Being unsure of what the next move is makes it a hard task to work ahead. That said, we know what has worked in the past, so we are focussing on that with the growth in different activity/scope coming when there is more stability.

One positive you take away from this year and hopes for the future? 

The positive is how the industry has reacted to the changes, being supportive of each other. I think it is key to not see others as competition, but as a partner. People will only come out if there is choice, so we all have to survive together to ensure that.   


Date Published: 6th October 2020